Creating More


We believe that by bringing our individual stories and experiences to the conversation, communities can be created to benefit the world around us.


Molly Steen

We Are Doing This Thing!

We’re here! The first two episodes (Episode 0 and Episode 1) are our stories.

Molly’s story of community is an interesting parallel with Susan’s in many ways. You’ll want to listen to Episode 0 to hear our discussion, and Molly’s truth-telling, about how we became such good friends.

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Susan Steen

It begins…

We’ve been working on our guest list and double-checking the technical end of things. We’re getting ready to welcome you to this exciting exploration of Creating More Community, our focus for Year One.

Where to Listen

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Christian Lepe-balderas

You will recognize this face if you have spent a minute climbing the walls at CLIMB Murfreesboro. Christian is a master at building community and celebrating those who need some cheering.

You won’t want to miss this hour of celebrating youth and honesty about building community.

Abdou Kattih

Meeting people who care about the community, even at their own expense, is a treat. Abdou Kattih is a magnificent part of any community, and we are especially glad to have him in ours! Murfreesboro Muslim Youth is a wonderful part of our community. You really don’t want to miss this special hour.

Kara J. Kemp

It’s hard to be part of the community where we live and not know Kara Kemp. Through her work on the stage, in theatre and on the Bloom Stage, she has fostered community in ways many of us might not have expreienced it. Listen in to hear stories of how Kara got here and where she hopes to take us all!

Yosef Adest

Not everyone focuses on community in a specific town. Yosef Adest has realized how being part of a community can play out around the world in the 52Frames community. But if you think that’s all he has to offer, you’re mistaken. You’ll want to hear this authentic take on his journey around the world.

Mariah Phillips

Coming across people at work or in the community who clearly want to make life better for everyone is a rare find, indeed. It was a joy to sit with Mariah and talk about days of working together at Starbucks (Molly) and in politics (Susan). You can be sure if Mariah decides to make a difference, she’s going to see it through. Find out for yourself in this interview with Mariah Phillips.

Kelsey Chapman

Molly and Susan have each known Kelsey for a lot of years, so it was especially fun to hear how Kelsey’s life and journey have evolved.

Listen in and discover how building security requires humility and admitting you might get it wrong. But no matter what happens, you just have to get back in the saddle. Be curious and excited as we learn about building connections with Kelsey Chapman.

Jordan Tussey

Molly brought Jordan in from the climbing community, and now Susan is thinking she needs to join. Actually, this thought has come up several times. Jordan brings with her the rich stories of learning that doing things alone isn’t necessarily a winning approach for either side.

We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Jordan, and we know you will, too!

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” ― Brené Brown ( we’ll put our own quote here eventually, but for now…)