Podcast: Creating More

Episode 22 – Carrol

Carrol McTyre is a teaching artist who is an object-based creator working in various mediums including sculpting, drawing, painting, printmaking, fiber, and much more. Her exploration of art stems from trying to understand society while telling society about itself through the mediums she uses. From her Waffle House art social experiment, to using art to […]

Episode 21 – Ethan

Ethan Swiggart creates one of a kind custom made climbing holds out of wood. In this episode he shares why he has been drawn to this medium of carving natural elements. Between his love of being messy, dirty, using power tools, and also discovering the beautiful imperfections each piece of wood has to offer. Sometimes […]

Episode 20 – Molly

This one isn’t about our host, Molly Steen, but about the incredibly talented Molly Seigler. Molly is a clothing designer and maker and owner of Gardenia & Co. She creates custom, small batch, clothing that is comfortable and cute. She loves the mediums of sewing and baking to create things with her hands that bring […]

Episode 17- Caleb

Caleb Franklin is a storyteller. Whether it is through his songwriting, his singing, playing his guitar, sharing a poem, or creating a podcast, he loves the power and emotion behind words. A true artist, he talks about how he draws his creativity from within in this episode. Listen to the end to hear about the […]

Episode 15- Lib

Lib would describe herself as the first “debutant to tattoo artist.” In this episode, Lib talks about her journey from an art teacher for over a decade to fulfilling her lifelong dream of being a tattoo artist. Alchemy Tattoos IG: @ theartistformerlyknownaslib Picture of peacock costume Darren Waterston Silver sun pickups ‌ Picture of Costa […]

Episode 14- Catie Beth

Catie Beth Thomas joins us this episode to talk about the various mediums she uses, and the reason why she has chosen those materials. From fiber, to photography, to print making, she combines multiple mediums to create beautiful, intentional, and sustainable pieces. Her biggest inspirations come from spending time in nature, and the interconnectedness of […]